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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  February 2, 2013 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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thank you so much. i'm not gonna let you down. look after yourself. i'm not gonna let you down. thank you, chef. okay? now take care. thank you. oh, the greatest. [sighs] let me tell you. rarely in my life have i met any individual with as big a heart as ms. jean. yes, she lost her way, but i strongly believe right now, she's on the right track. my only wish is that her staff are there to support her. wow, ms. jean. no more mean. (announcer) in the days that followed, the mayor of wilkinsburg honored ms. jean for her years of service to the community. it is my honor to proclaim this ms. jean's day, june 3rd, and for this day forward. i am very grateful, and i thank all of you from the bottom of my heart! i thank you! the soul is back into ms. jean's new restaurant, and, chef ramsay, i thank you from the bottom of my heart.
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. complete bay area coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu
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channel 2. >> it is super bowl eve as the 49ers hit the followed one last time before tomorrow's super bowl in new orleans. in san francisco, the city takes precautions against necessity game-related violence. >> i'm ken pritchett. >> i'm heather holmes and ken wayne is in new orleans. >> the 49ers were busy in new orleans. family and friends surrounded the players aste took to the followed for one final walk through before they balloted the baltimore ravens for the lombardi trophy. we have team coverage of the big match-up covered by latest on the players, including myrick ibañez and san francisco steps for the preventing of any game-related velocity. >> reporter: there is a lot of excitement in
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new orleans. we have these big footballs that are scattered all over the city and as you look around, you can see there is still a lot of active here. there are some here who are bit queasy in the big easy, because they don't have a super bowl ticket, but there is still a lot of excitement, because tomorrow is the big day. what do you do on super bowl eve? you go shopping. >> before we just wanted to have fun and enjoy new orleans, but tomorrow it's about the game. >> reporter: new orleans is decked out with colorful football ornaments, mules are ready to go dashing through the french quarter, but the real super bowl experience demands a ticket for the game. >> i had a pocketful of cash and i would rather do with a legitimate broker. >> he made a last-minute decision to fly from the bay area to new orleans without a super bowl ticket he hit canal street, hoping to score. >> i'm looking for $1500 a piece. >> reporter: he found a ticket broker in the
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new orleans tourism office and yes, tickets are still available. >> this week, yesterday was actually you are lowest price point at $1250 and it went up to $1450 by the end of the day and this morning it was up to $1600. >> reporter: in the end he spent $2300 for a single ticket. >> i seem to have found a good seat and i'm going to the super bowl? >> we're so excited. >> it's going to be better than christmas because i have 365 days to tell everybody be like the 49ers. >> reporter: back again live, you are looking at a picture of decatur street with the new orleans police officers standing by. we decided to come here away from bourbon street because frankly it's a mat house out there. you can hardly month on the street, but there are plenty of people out here enjoying this super bowl eve in new orleans. a lot of 49er fans heading back
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to their rooms tonight because they want to get some rest, because if the team wins, tomorrow night is going to be an even bigger celebration. live in new orleans, ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. well, the niner are not the only ones propelling for tomorrow's gig game. so the are the fans. ktvu sports director mark ibañez is also live in new orleans, where he talked to the 49er faithful in the business easy, who offered words of ebb customer to their favorite team. mark. >> reporter: thank you, ken. we're outside of the super bowl, where i can tell you security has definitely raised to a new limit. and they are ready to go and you know, not all the fans of the 49ers have hit the sack early, as ken said, too. there is a lot of people still on bourbon street. we just came from there and we talked to some of them and you know, we're kind of thinking about what do you say at this point? the players have gone through drills all week, the practice. they are sequestered in their
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hotel room and can you imagine how the harbaugh brothers are sleeping tonight? probably not at you will. what would you say to these gees, the players right before the game is in the coaches have done everything that they can to prepare their guys for the game and we went out on bourbon street and ask the fans if you had 15 seconds or less to pump up the players, what would you say to them? at least we got a few people ready to volunteer. here is a sampling of their pep talk to the 49ers. >> hi boys, it's time to quit putting on and start putting out. this game is on. this is go time. you have to come on it. >> one more game guys, we do it for bill walsh and the younger brothers out there. let's go niners! >> we're not going let them do it. take them down. make them run backwards. we're going to go, go, go; we're going right at them, take
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it to them, go niners. >> we can do this kaepernick, we can do this, we have the best in the league. >> well, we got to get this. get them and destroy them! go niners! >> take it to the followed, hit them hard and just play your game. that is it. you are the best team in the nfl. >> go niners! >> we're going for six now. what do you say? maybe those ravens and them back to baltimore. no, that is not it. >> reporter: as you can see 49er fans emotion very high, and i have toll tu, in all honesty, we did
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ask several women they were willing to do an imaginary pep talk to the team and they wisely declined. but a little sample of how pumped up the 49er fans are and there is some news trickling out with regard to alex smith. as you know he has been replaced as no. 1 quarterback. in sports a little later on we're going talk about it as there is a story emanating out of the 49 headquarters that he threw his agent has asked for release immediately from the team following the super bowl. we'll give you the details in sportswrap with fred inglis. >> 49er quarterback colin kaeperniy residents, businesses and city leaders in turlock today. kaepernick was raised in the town. the oh,er of today's
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festivities said kaepernick is an inspiration to the town's children. san francisco is certainly bracing for big crowds on streets. now to ktvu's debora villalon who continues our team coverage and live in the city what people won't see what the game ends. debora. >> reporter: we're at the ferry building, beautifully lit in niner red. but looking the opposite way down market street, what will be missing is transit. drumroll, please. it's super bowl eve and since the sound and fury on market street could spill onto muni, big changes will come tomorrow. historic streetcars on the city's main artery will disappear. the buses shifting onto mission street one block over commuters may or may not have noticed the alert at bus shelters, warning ever route changes, because of so-called super bowl
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festivities. >> i didn't know that. all because of 49ers, right? okay. >> reporter: does that make sense? >> kind of, yes. >> reporter: for muni, the precautions make sense because of mayhem after the world series months ago. they bashed in a bus before set it on fire. muni does not want to get burned again. >> vehicle was destroyed. it's about a $700,000 bus which had just gone through a rehab, bringing the pricetag up to l1 million. >> reporter: tomorrow night electric buses will be gas powered rigs. to keep cable cars out of harm's way, those on powell and california streets will go to the barn, replaced by buses. >> tourists ride the cable car and love the cable car. >> reporter: it doesn't sit well with everyone. >> i know they are talking the buses and i understand that, but to take the cable cars, it's, you know that is what san francisco is about.
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>> reporter: most muni riders will go undergrown to get cross town, but many are bracing to a very challenging evening. >> in terms of people, like me, riding on the regular underground, it's just going to be a hustle. it's going to get really crowded. it's going to be impossible. >> reporter: as far as timing, the vintage f- line will be off-line all day. look for buses instead. and then the buses and cable cars go away at 5:00 p.m., that should be about halftime in the game. live in san francisco, debora villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco police say they are taking steps to avoid mayhem following the super bowl. today on mornings on 2 police chief greg suhr said he hopes fans show rotante as it was lacking on the world series. >> everybody needs to carry themselves like they are on video. some people after that celebration are looking at five years, prads in jail for the offenses that they chitted.
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>> he chief suhr said the department will have twice the number of officers on the streets sunday as they did for the world series last october. chief suhr joins san francisco mayor ed lee and fire chief joann hayes-white in this public service announcement and they call on 49er fan to support the team by reinspecting the city and also remind people that bad behavior will not be tolerated. >> remember to switch to 2 after the game for a live local show. chris culliver says he is working out to the trevor project in the wake of his controversial anti-gay statements. he says he is seeking guidance and education from the l.a.- based group. you may remember during tuesday a super bowl media day, culliver said he would not welcome a good player. the 24-year-old says he doesn't want to run from the involuntary manslaughter, but take the opportunity to learn
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and grow as i person. and now to novato with video from a fire. crews responded to the fire on glen oak drive shortly before 6:00 people. officials say the fire started difficult inen of a second floor unit. three juveniles were found in a back bedroom and were taken out of home uninjured. cause of the fire is still under investigation. antioch police have arrested a driver suspected in a fatal pedestrian accident. accident happened about 1:40 on delta fair boulevard near somersville road. police say massey of antioch hit a tree and struck a pedestrian, pinning the investment under the car. massey was injured and hospitalized. volt's name has not been released. a suspicious package on the bart tracks forced close why are of two east bay stations more than two hours this afternoon. bart tells us that the suspicious object was spotted
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on the tracks at the el cerrito -- del norte station. the walnut creek police bomb squad was called to check it out. bart shut down both the del norte location and the richmond stations a precaution. >> item, the suspicious item that is not explosive material. >> bart re-opened those stations at about 2:30 this afternoon. a fatality shooting at the a popular east bay street festival, how organizers are responding tonight in the wake of the velocity. and turkish authorities now looking at surveillance video of an american tourist hoping to find out why she was killed. a bay area neighborhood is in shock after the body of a teenager is found at a park. what we are learning about the young victim's life. s are
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. in a meter of seconds this south bay power-plant long san diego bay came crumbling down this morning. crews use more than 300 pop ups of dynamite to implode the structure which dated back to the 1950's. once the rubble and debris is cleared the site will be the new home of a public park. plant was shut down three years ago, so workers could prepare for the demolition. it's an event member to
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highlight oakland's creative vibe, but last night gunfire erupted near the city's monthly art murmur and street festival, killing a teenager. that shooting happened on telegraph around near 23rd street and oakland's uptown district before 11:00 last night. that is why ktvu's jade hernandez is live and she explains how this tragedy is affecting gallery owners. >> reporter: heather, i spoke to a few artists tonight unthey are curious as to what spurred the shooting, but they stressed it happened after their event. tonight police are investigating, but so far no arrested. this space houses several artists. >> it can be a one shoulder strap, and carry it like a tote, but if you drop one strap, pull it through. >> reporter: including dustin page, who is disappointed about last night's shooting, kill one person and injuring one more blocks from his spot here. >> seems like the art walk has been distracted by what is going on telegraph. >> reporter:
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paige is referring to the first friday street festival which combine with the oakland art murmur has drawn tens of thousands to downtown oakland. the shooting took place a few hours after both events were over. >> the fear that is generated by something like that is not something we want to perpetuate. >> reporter: as the founder and director of this art space, she says the city shut down nearly 20 plooks of telegraph avenue has changed the dynamic of the gallery walk. >> we're all entrepreneurs and focused on sustain ability, but we are about jobs. >> we felt so saddened as an organization that we had to acknowledge it. >> reporter: by phone the art murmur president says the note on their website expressed prayers for the victim's family. >> i have lived in oakland 15 years and there are always sad days in oakland. this one just feels much sad err. >> note goes on to say that
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the art murmur can still offer a cultural positive experience for the community. it's part of a saturday stroll and along with other galleries they are organizing a more intimate event. jade hernandez ktvu channel 2 news. also in oakland police are investigating a brazen atm robbery at a gas station we're told two men walk up to the counter at it chevron station in grand avenue and perkin streets near lake merritt. one man asked the price of candy and bar and the other man tied a chain and yanked the machine off the wall. new details involving the discovery of a body of a teenagerred girl found anyway fairfield park. ktvu's john sasaki spoke about the homicide case with the man who discovered the young gir's body. >> i thought to myself, it looked like a mannequin. >> reporter:
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eric may says early yesterday morning he was wack thru favored's alan witt park when he saw the girl's body. >> the closer i got the more real she looked and it was oh, my god that is human being or was a human being. >> reporter: he says he flagged down a passing police car and later gave investigators a dna sample. >> rule me out and go after the people that did this. >> reporter: people have been bringing in mementos to honor the 13-year- old who ended up here naked and dead. >> it's sad for our neighborhood, it's just too close to home. we live three blocks away and it's sad. i hope them catch them. >> reporter: the girl was a foster child who lived with a guardian in suisun city. >> it's scary. >> reporter: thompson's son was classmates with the girl. >> he hugs her everyday. he has two classes with her and he rides the bus with her. >> reporter: now she says had he is
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devastated. the girl was a green valley shocked people at a nearby park. >> you don't hear about stuff like this in fairfield. it's weird. especially something like that, that kind of level. >> reporter: police have yet to release the girl's name or her cause of death. >> we have probably poplus investigators here all day yesterday and all day this morning and probably through the weekend. >> reporter: police tell me that they have good leads, but need more information from the public. fairfield, john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. as hazmat situation in fremont today claimed the life of a 20-year-old man. emergency personnel found the man unresponsive in a home on valpey park avenue this morning. during their investigation officials say they also discovered several bottles filled with dangerous chemicals. investigators believe that the man may have been mixing them together. his death is being ruled an accident. the city of san josi held its annual crime and gang prevention summit today to increase safety on the streets.
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2012 was a particularly violent year for the south bay city with 40 homicides, today's summit brought together the mayor's task force with community members and nobody profit organizations. topics included how to bring members out of gangs, and supplying alternatives for youth, so they do not join in the first place. in his weekly address president obama said bad decisions by congress over deficit reduction in washington could hurt the u.s. economic recovery. >> we can't just cut our way poprosperrity. it hasn't worked in the past and it won't work today. it coo slow down our recovery. it could weaken our economy. and it could cost us jobs. not just now, but in the future. >> as he has done in past, the president today called for a balanced approach that would eliminate tax loopholes for the wealthiest americans and large corporations. meanwhile the white house released this photo of president obama skeet shooting at camp david. the photo was taken back in august, but was released to
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answer skeptics who doubted mr. obama knew how to shoot. a tbs congresswoman questioned mr. obama's statements that he enjoys the sport and respects the traditions of hunting. in turkey police have confirmed the identity of the suicide bomber who attacked an american embassy. police released this security video the bomber moments before he ignited the bomb. the terrorist group that claim responsible for the bombing now calls him a martyr for the anti- american cause. the attack killed a security guard and seriously injured a journalist. also in turkey police have arrested at least nine in connection with the disappearance and death of a new york woman. body of 33-year-old sarai sierra was found in istanbul with stab wound. police with combing surveillance video from her travel. sarais with an amateur photographer, her husband
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was working with tushic authorities to find her since she went missing almost two weeks ago. the president of france saves hero's welcome outside of france. the ancient city thanking the french for chasing out islamic extremists and nasa is keeping a close eye on an asteroid, how close it's going to get to the earth. and in weather still watching clouds on live stormtracker 2. coming up the cloudiest part of your super bowl sunday and when shower chances resurface on the five- day forecast.
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. the united states reiterated its willingness to hold direct talks with iran offer its nuclear program. vice president joe biden made the remarks at munich security counsel. the ult and iran agreed for one- on-one talks, but only after the u.s. presidential elections. >> there is still time. there is still space for diplomacy basked by pressure to
10:27 pm
succeed. the ball is in the government of iran's court. >> iran ontory will fox newsed it will add new machines to speed up its ability to enrich uranium. tehran denies tea seeking to develop nuclear weapons and insists it's nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. >> in mali, french press francois hollande received a hero's working capital in timbuktu. three wees ago the french launched an offensive against islamist rebels. malians played drums which would be banned businesses islamists and women danced side-by-side in celebration. president francois hollande says they have not disappeared, but they have been weakened. >> india five men charged with rape and murder in the tack of a female student on a new delhi bus in december pleaded not guilty today. a sixth suspect is to be tried
10:28 pm
in a juvenile court. brutal december gang-rape caused outrage across the country and sparked nationwide protests. if convicted the men are facing the death penalty. and in paris, thousands rallied in protest of a proposed bill to legalize same- sex marriage as french laraques took steps to adopt the measure. fran assist national assemble voted favor of this. the bill going to french senate and if passed france would become the 12th nation to legalize gay marriage. mass jaw tracking an asteroid it says will make the space rock about 150 miles across. nasa says it will come within 17,000 miles of earth on february 15th. now that is inside the orbit of weather and communication satellites, but the space agency says there is no chance of a collision. it looks like warmer weather will be here before we know it. >> there is no shadow to see.
10:29 pm
>> the famous groundhog punxsutawney phil made the prediction earlier this morning. furry fellow woke up as the sun rose to a crowd anxiously awaiting his weather forecast and he did not see his shadow this morning and according to groundhog legend no shadow means an early spring. >> that is right. bay area businesses are gearing up for a huge spike in sales. >> as far as restaurants and shops across the city are preparing for big crowds tomorrow. we'll tell you just how big the boom in business is supposed to be, thanks to the niners' appearance in the super bowl. . and see a preview of the lunar new year as a parade makes its way through chinatown. what happened last night?
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apparently we went to jack in the box at 1:54am. ...and got 9 orders of tacos, 4 seasoned curly fries, and 7 real ice cream shakes. so who drove us home? i did. whoa... why are you still here? he dared you to eat my keys. why didn't you call a cab? he ed dar t youo eat my phone. heh heh.
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. just about everywhere you look in the city there are
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signs of 49er fried. a number of landmarks are lit up and in red and gaol and here is a perfect safele we're looking live at san francisco's embarcadero towers. as ktvus a allie as muss reports here in the bay area, restaurants and bars are bracing for a very busy day. >> reporter: slicing up slabs of meet to fill customer's bells. butchers in san francisco got an early start this morning. >> we were here at 4:00 getting ready for this. so hopefully we'll have a good day. >> reporter: they expect to sell 1500 pounds of meat, 20% more than usual. >> tomorrow we'll do it big with fried chicken and wings. >> we have the good old san francisco 49er balloon and there are a couple more in there. having a little get together, about 15, 20 people maybe. i'm just excited for this game. the niners haven't been in the super bowl for so long.
10:33 pm
>> reporter: nancy gellers was one of in party hosts shopping today. >> getting beads. it's going to be a lot of fun. >> anything red and gold is selling out. >> reporter: managers say it's double the business sales thank to the niners. at this restaurant they will be catering to fans hoping to party away from home and it's all hands on deck in the kitchen. >> we have double the delivery drivers, double the staffing. >> we're just going to serve the guests the best of on our ability and hope the 49ers bring it hope home for us. >> reporter: this restaurant doesn't take reservations and managers expect customers to show up when they open. in san francisco, allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 news. 49er fans have been sending us photos showing off their support of the red and gold. this photo of her son giovanni
10:34 pm
from south san francisco. she tell us that the 9-year-old doesn't have a favorite player. he loves the whole team because it takes everyone to play well to get to the super bowl. >> david ernst of richmond sent us this photo and tells us we're looking at three generations of diehard 49er fans. and a photo of 3-month-old miguel of sonar. >> if you have a photo, you would like to send us, you can send it to, or post it to our facebook wall. send us your photos of fans big and small, send it to, e-mail it directly and you can also click "like" on ktvu channel 2 news. ken, by the way, i think that sf would look great on you. >> the 49ers of course one of the nfl's greatest dynasties have been won five super bowl championships and tomorrow as we all know, they will be after no. 6. let's map out of the team's super bowl victories, shall we in we'll start off right here
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in michigan. you see here the san francisco 49ers facing off against the cincinnati bengals back in 1928 in pontiac, michigan and they held on to win 26-21. now we are going to -- i need to close this first -- here we. now we're going go back to the bay area of course just three years later they were back here in the bay area in 195, chasing after the lombardi trophy in a game at stanford. the 49ers beat the miami dolphins 3-16. next we had he had down here to miami. and they faced off again against the cincinnati bengals. the niners came out on top, take a look. 20-16. and then of course, back in louisiana where they are going to be playing tomorrow. this was 1990. the 49ers played in new orleans. they faced off against the denver broncos in a game that wasn't even close. the niners won this game 55-10. and then their last super bowl
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appearance, back in miami. this was in 1995. they beat the san diego chargers. 49-26 and we're all hoping that the 49ers super bowl perfection 5 for 5 continues with 6 of 6. remember for more on the 49ers quest for another super bowl championship, be sure to go to and click on the super bowl tab. the bay area got a taste today of some of what san francisco's chinese new year parade is expected to bring. the so-called mini parade in celebrate of the year of snake wound its way down grant avenue. the st. mary's girls drum and bell corps took part in the festivities. one of the group's organizers say they expects the year of the snake to bring good fortune. >> no matter what year, the year of rat or snake, it's always good. you look for the good things. >> the chinese new year parade
10:37 pm
is on saturday, february 23rd and we'll carry it right here live on ktvu channel 2 news. it was the first-ever event in the east bay with some high school athletes receiving medical screenings. the hidden health risks doctors were looking for. your super bowl weekend looks nice, but that may soon change. ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo is next with when we could expect showers in the forecast. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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all right everybody making plans for the big super bowl supposed in what want to know what the forecast is like? let's check many with the man who knows, our meteorologist mark tamayo. >> looking pretty good. no umbrellas needed buc you need a jacket first thing in
10:40 pm
the morning with the cloud cover. you probably noticed a droopoff in temperatures with kite a bit of overcast first thing this morning. hazy, filtered sunshine this morning with the range temperatures earlier today with highs 50s to the lower 60sp right now the satellite and radar some rain showers out towards southern california and we have some higher clouds moving into the region. at last check partly cloudy skies and some fog developing. as far as current numbers we'll look at those for the 10:00 hour, 48 degrees in concord. mountain view 48 are and i don't know if this is good look luck, but look at downtown san francisco's temperature, 49 degrees at last check for this 10:00 hour. forecast headlines for tonight, we have partly cloudy skies. tomorrow some morning clouds, sun-cloud mix for the afternoon hours and then the extended do bring in shower chances and a dropoff in temperatures of first thing tomorrow more your sunday, temperatures will be in the 30s to mid-40s and areas of fog developing coastside and
10:41 pm
also in some of the inland valleys. livermore right now has fog reported and even san josi at the airport. be extra careful if you are heading to the coast, no high- surf advisories, but still a strong west-northwesterly swell approaching our shoreline and waves will be in the order of 10-15'. we have been watching it this system generating the cloud cover and rain showers to our south. this will be the source of a few high clouds first thing tomorrow morning in addition, to fog and some patchy coastal fog for the afternoon hours. for monday, no big changes. still a dry weather pattern, morning overcast and skies becoming partly sunny into the afternoon with patchy fog. almost a summertime weather pattern with the fog hugging parts of shoreline. some areas of cloud cover and fog could be locally dense. into the afternoon showers, partly sunny skies by 3:00 and 4:00 and still an increase in
10:42 pm
the offcast. forecasted highs most areas in the 60s. few upper 50s tomorrows pacifica and san francisco. san josi, 61 and san mateo, 60. here is a look ahead your five- day forecast, with your weekend always in view, monday looking pretty. you notice just some minor changes. we'll thicken up the cloud coverage on tuesday. a dip in your temperatures but thursday and could be tracking a few showers in the long- range, but tomorrow looking good at that cloudy star. >> thank you, mar. first-ever event in east bay was aimed at uncovering hidden health historics among student-athletes. visits from john muir medical center offered health screenings. organizers say nearly 20 students died during sports each year. in 2009 a is a-year-old de la salle student
10:43 pm
died during a basketball game. today about 150 students got tests including ekgs for free. organizers hope to bring this program to other contra costa schools. >> nice to see them taking the precautions. sportswrap is coming up next. >> sports director mark ibañez is live in the big easy with a report about the future of 49ers quarterback alex smith.
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